How Buyer's and Seller's Notes Work

When orders sync to Easyship, there are two types of notes associated with a shipment. Seller's Notes are internal notes, added once the order syncs and buyers notes are external notes, added on the store and synced over to Easyship.

We'll Cover:

Seller's Notes 

These are for internal use, i.e. if you want to keep notes about specific clients or orders for your own recording purposes, e.g. "Include present packaging and bow".

Note: Seller's Notes are only added after an order has synced. They do not sync from the store and are not presented on any shipping documents. 


Buyer's Notes 

Buyers Notes are synced directly from your eCommerce store, meaning that the details will reflect in the shipment modal, as shown below.

Note: They will display on the packing slip (toggle on in Settings > Packing Slip).



Mass Update Seller's Notes

The Seller's Notes field is always available to edit in Create Shipments > Advanced.

You can bulk update your orders with a seller's note through the Bulk Edit feature. Select the shipments you wish to bulk edit, click More > Bulk Edit Shipments, and continue to add a custom Seller's note. 


It is also possible to create new buyer's notes when uploading orders via CSV. To do this just add a column in the template and name it 'Order Notes' and we will display this information as buyer's notes. Unfortunately, it is not possible to create seller's notes in the same way.

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