How to Find an SDS for Your Product

A Safety Data Sheet is a document that breaks down the hazardous components/ingredients of a product, allowing the relevant parties to identify specific materials that may require special marking, labeling, and handling. 

There are multiple ways to obtain an SDS if you are not the manufacturer of the product. This article breaks down the most common methods. 

NOTE: Please send an SDS to our support team before shipping dangerous goods for approval.

Manufacturer Website

Most companies that mass produce products display the SDSs openly online for anyone to use. If you struggle to locate a specific page on the website, try googling the product followed by "SDS". 

If you are still struggling to locate an SDS of a widely sold product, consider reaching out to the company's customer support team and requesting the necessary documents. 

SDS Finder

There are multiple websites designed to locate and share SDSs from a wide range of manufacturers. Most commonly used for harder-to-find safety documents, SDS finders have proven to be a great tool for merchants who sell a variety of unique products on their e-commerce store or marketplace. 

If you are the manufacturer, how do you create an SDS?

As a manufacturer, you are legally required to create an SDS for your product. An SDS is an essential document and there can be legal ramifications if the information contained does not accurately represent your product. If the creation of an SDS is not part of your production process, it is best to seek professional guidance. 

As a merchant, if you outsource the production of a hazardous product to an external manufacturer, an SDS should be provided upon product creation.

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