Tax ID Guide - Format & Restrictions

This article will consolidate relevant Tax ID information for e-commerce merchants. 

What is a Tax ID?

A Tax ID in shipping is a general term used to describe a combination of numbers that identify specific citizens in countries requiring identification for customs screening purposes. There may be variations in phrasing depending on the destination country. Some Asian countries refer to the number as a TIN (China, Taiwan, South Korea). In Brazil, on the other hand, the tax ID is referred to as a CPF number.

Couriers may require a customer's Tax ID to be provided upon shipment creation to ensure smooth customs clearance when shipping to certain countries. Failure to provide a Tax ID for certain countries may lead to issues at customs resulting in return or abandonment. 

Why is a Tax ID Important?

  • Decreases transit time: By providing all information necessary for import, you will speed up the clearance process at customs. 
  • Reduce returns: Many shipments return due to a missing tax ID and an unresponsive recipient. Adding a tax ID increases the chances of successful delivery. 

Current Restrictions 

In the spreadsheet below, you will find countries and courier Tax ID policies that will help guide your international shipping strategy on Easyship. 


Required: Shipment cannot be generated on Easyship without a Tax ID entered.

Suggested: The user will be notified that a Tax ID is recommended to avoid any issues at checkout.


If the Tax ID format is wrong, the app will show the following alert message:

Enter the correct Tax ID for customs clearance. The Tax ID format is not applicable. Please refer to "Learn More" for details.

Tax ID Format 

Find the requested Tax ID format per country below.






  • Length at least 8, contain any character within A-z or 0-9
  • Example: 1234abcd
  • Example: a123456789
  • Example: 12348b654s


  • 8 Numerical digits + 1 letter at the end
  • 8 Numerical digits + 1 number at the end
  • Example: 12345678k
  • Example: 543210983


  • 15 or 18 Numerical digit
  • 8 Numerical digits + 10 any character within A-z or 0-9 at the end
  • 1 letter (only C/H/J/M/W/T) at the beginning + 17 Numerical digit
  • 17 Numerical digit + 1 letter at the end
  • 1 letter (only C/H/J/M/W/T) at the beginning + 16 Numerical digit + 1 letter at the end
  • Example: 123456789012345
  • Example: 12345678asdfg123hj
  • Example: C12345678901234567
  • Example: 12345678901234567C
  • Example: C1234567890123456C


  • Length at least 8, contain any character within A-z or 0-9
  • Example: a123456789
  • Example: 12348b654s

South Korea 

  • 10 or 13 Numerical digits
  • “P" at the beginning + 12 Numerical digits
  • Example: 1234567890123
  • Example: 1234567890
  • Example: P123456789012


  • "9" at the beginning + 6 Numerical digits
  • Length at least 8, contain any character within A-z or 0-9
  • Example: 9123456
  • Example: a123456789
  • Example: 12348b654s


Applicable to Aramex shipping from Hong Kong to Turkey only
  • Length at least 10, Numerical digits only
  • Example: 1234567890

Saudi Arabia

  • 15 Numerical digits only

  • example: 123456789012345

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