Pre Generated Return Labels

If you are shipping domestically in the US, you can now include a USPS label to allow a simpler return process with your customers if and when a return is required.

There are different ways to set this up on your account, both from a manual set up and via automatic Shipping Rules, here we will explain how to do both.

Set up

Head over to your dashboard and select a shipment, you can toggle the option to Include Return Label when you are manually creating or updating a domestic US shipment -



You can also prompt a Return Label by putting in place a Shipping Rule, to avoid setting this process manually each time.

Use this Shipping Rule highlighted below if you want to include this option in bulk when uploading a CSV -



NOTE: The price of the pre-paid Return Label will not be reflected at Checkout

When purchasing your label, you will be able to see the Return as a line item in the summary on your dashboard .

Our system will select the cheapest USPS services available to provide the best value which will result in the label being either First Class or Priority Mail depending on the weight of the shipment.

NOTE: it is not possible to select an alternative courier to USPS at this time for returns.

In the Summary for the shipment, you will see the following -


After purchasing your outbound label, you will be redirected to a view in Manage Shipments called Outbound Shipments, here you will only see the outbound shipments, not the potential Returns that you have included. 

You can identify the outbound shipments that include a Return Label by noting the Boomerang icon as shown below -


The address on the Return label will be the address that you have previously specified as your Sender Address on your account - 



Generating Docs

You can still create as many returns as you wish using the manual return flow. All the associated returns will show in the outbound shipment modal, Returns section.Screen_Shot_2021-06-04_at_1.58.04_PM.png

This is how the shipment will reflect in your dashbaord once the Return label has been added -



You can select the Outbound label and click on Generate Documents: the available docs will have both the Outbound label and the Return label -


NOTE: The Return label is only generated  once the Outbound label is successfully generated

Rejected labels and Cancellations

If your Outbound label is rejected, you will not be able to see the Return label on your dashboard as you cannot have a Return label without an Outbound label.

When cancelling an Outbound label, all associated Returns will also be cancelled automatically.

Return labels will be refunded along with the Outbound labels that are cancelled or rejected.


Since the Return labels are 'pay on scan', you will only be charged for the label, if it is scanned by USPS because the return was needed.

You will be billed weekly on your Easyship account based on the Return labels that have been scanned.

NOTE: You will not be charged for any Return labels that are not scanned/used.









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