Missed Pickup

Occasionally a courier may miss a scheduled pickup time slot. Though this is uncommon, it can happen from time to time and we built our system to identify estimated no-shows so that you can seamlessly reschedule your pickup for the next available time slot.

Topics we'll cover:

What is a missed pickup?

Our definition of a missed pickup is: a courier failing to show up for a successfully scheduled pickup request. This can be due to a variety of factors that are outside the control of Easyship and its users. 

How do I identity a missed pickup?

Of course, you will be able to recognize when a courier does not show up for a pickup, however, the dashboard will also recognize when a shipment within a pickup request is not in transit and will mark is as an estimated no show. 

In the "Pickups" section of your dashboard, you can locate "Estimated courier no show" tab.


How to reschedule a pickup?

Locate the pickup ID that needs to be rescheduled, click on the truck icon, and proceed to schedule a timeslot. 



Don't hesitate to reach out to support@easyship.com if you run into any issues along the way!

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