Subscription Plan Changes

This article outlines the recent changes we have made to our subscription plans. 

Easyship launched its subscription services almost three years ago. Now, due to changing market conditions, we've made the following updates;

All users who have been on their chosen plan before 28th June 2022 will not be impacted, and your pricing and included allowances will remain the same. The new plans will apply to users who register with Easyship after 28th June 2022 or to existing users who change their plan, after this date.

What's Changed

  • We have adjusted the pricing and monthly shipment limit for our Free, Plus, and Premier plans. 
  • Additionally, Shipping at Checkout will only be available for Plus plans and above.
  • Tax & Duty at Checkout will now only be available for Premier plans and above.

View plans in your region here. 


How will this impact me?

If you have created your account before 28th June 2022, your account will not be affected.

You will remain subscribed to the previous plan with the same price, monthly shipment limit, and features we committed to. You will continue to access Shipping at Checkout, and Tax & Duty at Checkout features regardless of your subscription plan.

Can I change my plan?

If you downgrade or upgrade, you will be moved to the new plan versions while retaining access to Shipping at Checkout and Tax & Duty at Checkout. 

You should now be comfortable managing your Easyship subscription and adjusting your plan to suit your needs. 

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