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There are many important aspects to take into consideration when choosing a courier service to deliver your order. 

One of them is balancing the value of the item and the cost of transportation. When choosing a courier with lower pricing, this commonly impacts the liability coverage the courier will offer in cases of lost or damaged shipments. Low-cost couriers do not offer any insurance or refunds in case a shipment is lost or damaged in transit. Express couriers may offer up to a maximum liability of USD$100 on lost or damaged goods. 

If your product is of high value, we strongly suggest utilizing the Shipping Insurance provided by Easyship. This Insurance will cover up to USD$10,000.

In this article, we will discuss the added insurance coverage and show you how you can apply it to shipments you create with Easyship. For information on allowing your customer to claim Insurance via Insurance at Checkout, please go here.

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Added Shipping Insurance

There is always a possibility that your parcel will get lost or damaged in transit. Therefore, we offer third-party shipping insurance as an option when creating your shipment (Step 2 of 5).

Default setting for shipping insurance

The default setting for Insurance on your shipments will be 'No,' so if you do require Insurance, make sure to change the setting to 'Yes' during shipment creation.

If you select 'No', we remind you again on stage 4 of 5 of the shipment creation process that your parcel will not be compensated if the shipment is lost or damaged in transit.

Shipping Insurance Option

The insurance price will be calculated based on the entire shipment value (shipping cost + customs value). Note that the price of insurance may differ for international and domestic shipments

The Insurance will cover the full value of your shipment up to USD$10,000.


Shipping Insurance When Purchasing Label

Once you have selected the labels you wish to purchase, you will be prompted to add insurance for applicable shipments. 


Insurance in Shipping Rules

Automatically adding insurance to your shipments is made possible with the Shipping Rules feature that can be found in the Settings section of your dashboard. 

As shown below on the left you can set up your shipping rules to automatically add insurance to your shipments.

You can also base your conditions on certain countries, stores, shipment weight, and the number of items in the parcel. E.G All shipments with a selling price of 50 USD or higher, always include insurance. 

Insurance in Shipping Rules


Shipping Insurance in File Upload

When creating multiple orders via File Upload, you can add Insurance to your orders. Below is an example from our Easyship File Upload template. 

In the column Shipping Insurance simply add Yes and insurance will be included in your order upon creation.

Shipping Insurance Details in File Upload

Shipping Insurance Claim

Please see the following article regarding terms and how to file a claim: How to File an Insurance Claim

Insurance Settings:

On top of all the features that were added above, we go a step further by allowing you to fully customize what Insurance means to you and your customer by allowing you to automate the insurance system.

The Insurance settings are found by going to Settings > Insurance on your Easyship dashboard. On this page, you will be able to select a specific amount or percentage you wish to insure a shipment for. For example, you can insure 85% of the shipment value or up to 300 USD. Furthermore, you can decide whether or not you wish to include the shipping price in the overall insurance purchase. 



If you have any questions regarding insurance and how to set it up, contact


Q: Who officially provides the shipping insurance?

A: We partner with Insureship to provide high-quality insurance at a low cost to our customers. 

Q: Does the Insurance cover all types of shipments to every country?

A: Though the insurance provided is extensive, there are some countries and products that cannot be insured. For more information on excluded countries and products, see the Insureship Policy Exclusions page

Q: Does Easyship raise the insurance claim on my behalf?

A: As the policyholder, the shipper holds all rights to raise a claim with Insureship. In a new Easyship feature, Insurance at Checkout, your customer can now purchase insurance on your store and raise the claim directly with the insurance provider if something were to go wrong in transit. 


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