How to Use FedEx OneRate

Easyship is officially compatible with FedEx OneRate. In this article, we run through how it works. If FedEx isn't displayed as a pre-negotiated rate in your region, you need to connect a FedEx account to use the service. 

Types of available FedEx services 

FedEx OneRate offers a flat-rate pricing model for regularly used services. The below rates are compatible with a OneRate box on Easyship. 

  • FedEx - First Overnight
  • FedEx - Priority Overnight
  • FedEx - Standard Overnight
  • FedEx - 2 Day
  • FedEx - 2 Day AM
  • FedEx - Express Saver

On the second step of the "Create Shipments" flow, select a FedEx OneRate box. To select a box, click on the "Box" drop-down list.



A list of boxes will show, categorized per courier. Scroll down to the FedEx section to see the OneRate boxes available.


Once the box is selected and you reach the next step (3 out of 5), choose a FedEx rate, finish the creation and download the label accordingly. 



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