Add and Manage Your Payment Methods

Adding a Payment Method to Easyship is essential when purchasing a label. This article will walk you through the process of adding them. 

How to Add a Payment Method 

Step 1: Navigate to Account > Payment Method and select Add Payment Method.

Step 2: Proceed to enter your card information. Both Credit Cards and Visa Debit Cards can be used for payment. 

Once you've added a default card, it is possible to add multiple additional payment methods. You can alternate between cards by clicking on the Card icon and selecting Primary payment for shipments.


How to Delete a Payment Method

You can delete any secondary cards saved on your account. However, at least one primary payment method must be saved. This means you are not able to delete a credit card if you have only one card connected.

Step 1: Navigate to the Account > Payment Methods.

Step 2: Locate the secondary card that you would like to delete, click on the card and click Delete Card. 

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