How to Fix a Declined Payment

There is a possibility that your payment on Easyship may reject; there are many reasons this can occur. This article will explain what to do in these situations. 

If you receive an error message indicating your card declined, it may be due to the following reasons:

  1. The bank declined it. Your bank may block the payment; contact them to check before investigating with the support team. 
  2. Multiple small payments. If you make multiple small payments associated with a card or Easyship account, we may block them. When fulfilling numerous shipments, use the Create Shipment > Advanced function to pay all at once. 
  3. Check the billing address. When setting up your Easyship account, you may have entered an incorrect billing address. It can create issues when paying if it does not align with the card on file. 
  4. Geographic location. Using a foreign card may contribute to higher decline rates. If your foreign card doesn't work, try another payment method.
  5. Incorrect informationCheck to ensure your card number and CVC are correct. 
  6. Unknown. If your payment gets blocked for an unknown reason, contact the support team for assistance. 

The support team will be able to explain via our internal system why the payment failed, but if the issue is related to your card issuer, you may be required to contact them directly.

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