BigCommerce: Installing Rates at Checkout

This article will explain how to enable real-time shipping rates at checkout on BigCommerce. Live rates show the cheapest, the best value, and fastest shipping solutions for the customer's order, increasing the chance of a conversion. 

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Before We Get Started

Ensure you've Synced Products from your store in the Product Listing section of the dashboard. Weight, dimensions, and Product Category must be added if not synced automatically. 

How to Setup Rates at Checkout for BigCommerce

Step 1: Go to Store Setup > Shipping under Checkout Shipping Options, and click Edit in the zones you wish to enable Easyship rates.

mceclip0 (23).png

Step 2. Navigate to Store Setup > Shipping, and under Real-time shipping quotes, toggle Easyship On. 

mceclip1 (14).png

Step 3: Click on Submit, then repeat these steps to enable Easyship for any additional or new shipping zones you wish to set up. 

mceclip2 (6).png

Once updated, live rates will be visible to your customers during checkout. 

Set up Free Shipping, Calculated Taxes, Duties, and Default Category in Store Settings

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