WooCommerce: Installing Rates at Checkout

This article will explain how to set up live rates at checkout for your WooCommerce store using Easyship. 

Before We Get Started

Ensure that you have products saved and that your WooCommerce store is successfully connected with Easyship. 

Installing Rates at Checkout for WooCommerce

  1. First, ensure the plugin installation is complete and your store is connected to Easyship.
  2. In Easyship, go to your WooCommerce store settings page (under “Connect” navigation section).
  3. Copy the Access Token from the top of the store settings page.Capture111.PNG
  4. Back in WooCommerce, go to "Settings" > "Shipping" > "Easyship" and paste the token into the "Easyship Access Token" field, then save changes.Capture112.PNG
  5. In "Shipping Zones", add "Easyship" as a shipping method to ensure live rates are displayed at checkout.Capture113.PNG
  6. Easyship live shipping rates should now appear in the Checkout page for the Shipping zones configured in the steps above! For more information on how shipping rates are calculated, see: How Shipping Rates Are Calculated at Checkout.Capture114.PNG


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