Editing Your Store Settings

Store settings allow you to customize different aspects of your integration to Easyship. This article will guide you through the features and how to use them. 

Note: Settings differ depending on the store; in this example, we are using the most customizable integration, Shopify. 

To locate your Store Settings, navigate to Connect and click on your store. 

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Order Sync

Order Sync Settings allow you to configure how orders sync to Easyship. Below you'll find each feature.

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  • Sync Window: Select the age of unfulfilled orders you wish to sync to Easyship. By default, the time window will be The beginning of time.
  • Auto Sync: When turned On, configure the frequency in which Easyship pulls orders from your store. 
  • Include orders by status: Select the criteria for Easyship to sync orders based on the fulfillment and paid status.
  • Exclude orders by country: Depending on the order's destination country, exclude it from syncing to your dashboard. 
  • Exclude orders by tag: For more specific order sync exclusion requests, save tags that, if associated with the order, will not sync to Easyship.
  • Update order status on Shopify: When an order gets fulfilled on Easyship, configure the time it takes for Easyship to update the order status to Fulfilled on Shopify. The default setting will update the order immediately after generation. 
  • Tracking Email Notification: Decide whether or not you wish to send your customers a tracking email after shipping label generation - more information on customer emails here: Managing Tracking Email Settings.

Shipping at Checkout

When Rates at Checkout is set up for your connected store, you can add various customizations that suit your display preferences. 

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  • Additional Processing Time: Widen the delivery timeframe displayed to customers to account for processing time in your fulfillment process. 
  • Tax & Duty:
  • - Shopify Duties and Taxes Calculator - You can now display estimated tax and duties calculated by Shopify. 
  • - Show expected Duties and Taxes at the checkout by toggling on or off. If turned off, the customer will see whether there are applicable duties and taxes or not, without an estimated number displayed.
  • Delivery Time Estimate: Decide to include the delivery lead time in the shipping option displayed at checkout. 
  • Courier Badges: Easyship identifies the cheapest, best value, and fastest options to display at checkout. You can configure whether or not to display the badges associated with the shipping option. 
  • Courier Rating: If selected, display a star rating next to each courier. The ratings compile receivers' experiences with the service. 
  • Pickup Fees: Include potential courier pickup fees in the cost of the shipping solution. 
  • Free & Discounted Shipping: Configure free shipping at your checkout. More information here: How to Enable Free Shipping at Checkout.

Insurance at Checkout

Insurance at checkout allows your customers to purchase shipping insurance in-store. More information can be found here: Insurance at Checkout.

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  • Dark Mode: Change the widget to look appealing on darker websites.
  • On By Default: Display the widget to include insurance by default, while allowing the customer to actively de-select it. 


Products are the primary data point required when determining accurate shipping rates automatically. This section focuses on product sync settings, as well as default/fallback product information. 

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  • Product Sync: Automatically sync new products to Easyship when added to your store. 
  • Fallback Settings: Add default dimensions, weight, and category to your products. This will be used when products are included in a shipment but aren't saved with the required information. 

Relevant articles: Adding and Editing Products, Fallback Options on Store Integration

Shipping Rules

See active shipping rules associated with your store. More information: Automate Shipping Process: Shipping Rules

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