Connect Your SkyPostal Account

If you want to ship from the United States to South America, you can do so via the integration with SkyPostal, using your own negotiated rate. 

This means you can utilize all the features of Easyship by synchronizing your Amazon orders directly to your dashboard.

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Instructions Based on Setup

  • If you already have a SkyPostal account, connect it with Easyship through this link.
  • If you are already an Easyship user and have a Skypostal account, please log in with your Easyship account details via this link.
  • If you are an Easyship user and do not have a SkyPostal account, please get in touch with the SkyPostal sales team directly here

Once your Easyship and SkyPostal accounts are set up, you can follow the steps here to sync your store. Your existing store orders will sync on the dashboard (Create Shipments > Advanced).

Learn how to use Easyship:


If you are using SkyPostal through Easyship and you are having difficulties getting set up or having trouble with individual shipments, please follow these directions to have your issue fixed as soon as possible;

Who do I contact?

If your issue relates to the setup process, such as:

  • Connecting your SkyPostal account to Easyship
  • Setting up your SkyPostal account
  • Difficulty syncing Products or Stores

Please reach out to us here at Easyship directly, via your Ddashboardor at 

If you are experiencing any issues with individual SkyPostal shipments, please contact SkyPostal directly at

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