Saving Shipping Boxes

You can save dimensions of frequently used packaging in the Settings > Boxes section of your Easyship dashboard. Once added, our system will automatically assign the best fitting box to your order by using your saved product dimensions.  

Add a New Shipping Box

Step 1: To add your saved boxes, navigate to the Settings > Boxes section of the dashboard. Click Add new box.


Step 2: Enter the box name, dimensions, and weight of your box. Note that the dimensions refer to the outer dimensions of your box and will be used to calculate the shipping rates.

mceclip2 (43).png

Step 3: When complete, click Submit.

Auto Selection

We recommend saving multiple boxes with Auto-selection to assign the best fitting box. With Auto-selection turned on, the box will automatically assign to an order that fits it best. If the products in the order exceed the largest Saved Box, the system will default to using raw product dimensions for the box size. 


  • The algorithm does not assign internal box dimensions. A 5 x 5 x 5 product can be assigned a 5 x 5x 5 box. 
  • "Auto" does not work for shipments with over ten items. 
  • If the item quantity is over ten, the box dimensions displayed will be all product dimensions stacked on top of each other. 

mceclip0 (21).png


Flat Rate Courier Boxes

Courier Boxes are associated with Flat Rate services. Depending on the country you are shipping from, various Flat Rate courier boxes will display. In this example, we are using a US account.

mceclip1 (15).png

If you own flat rate boxes and wish to automatically assign them to orders, click on the courier and select Auto next to the flat rate box. 


Note: Flat rate boxes can't be edited.

Edit/Delete Shipping Box

It is possible to change the Auto-selection status of a pre-existing box. Please delete and recreate the saved box if you need to adjust the weight and dimensions.

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