Using Electronic Trade Documents (ETD)

If you are using FedEx Compatible, you can also request ETDs i.e. Paperless Invoices for your shipments. This will automatically transfer the commercial invoice to FedEx's system which results in saved time and paper when creating shipments. 

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How to Set Up ETD 

In the Couriers section of the dashboard, click on your linked FedEx account. If you have not linked a FedEx account and want to, refer to the following article: Link Your FedEx Account


To activate this, you simply need to upload your company letterhead and/or signature as shown below. 
The recommended size for a letterhead: 700x50 pixels, max size 30 kb, in either GIF / PNG format
The recommended size for the signature: 240x25 pixels, max size 30 kb, in either GIF / PNG format


Then toggle the enable ETD button;


This button will remain disabled unless you upload either your letterhead or signature.

There is a possibility that you may receive the following error message; 'unable to retrieve letterhead', if this occurs, please reach out to the support team.

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