Uninsured Shipments - How to File a Claim

Sometimes, shipments don't go as planned. We hate that it happens and wish that it didn't.

Sadly the reality of shipping goods is that some shipments will be delayed, get lost, or become damaged during transit. It is important to note that couriers offer different shipment terms and conditions. Some courier services are a limited liability if something goes wrong, while others do not.

This article breaks down how to file a claim for a shipment when premium insurance was not purchased.

To find out which couriers offer included liability, please check our Courier Pages.

Liability Courier

Couriers that offer liability on Easyship are usually considered to be more premium services and, in some cases, can offer an included liability, usually between USD$50-$100.

If you have shipped goods with a courier that offers included liability, and your shipment is potentially lost or is received damaged, please get in touch with Easyship directly by completing this form as soon as possible. We will process your claim with the courier.

Please note that you have to contact Easyship no later than 45 days after the Shipping date to raise a claim; otherwise, the courier will not accept it.

Once Easyship has received the claim it will be forwarded to the courier for investigation. We will try our best to have your claim accepted. On average, only 15% of the claims are accepted, and courier investigations are automatically closed (and, thus, the claim rejected) after 45 days if the courier does not acknowledge the loss or damage.

If this occurs, Easyship is not liable, and we cannot challenge the carrier's decision.

Carriers usually take between 25 and 45 days to process a claim. Once processing is finalized, Easyship will inform you of the outcome.

No Liability Courier

If your parcel is delayed, damaged, or lost with a courier that offers no Liability, please note that neither Easyship nor the courier can provide any compensation for the item or the shipping cost. We are powerless to assist in this scenario.

Carriers with no included Liability on Easyship are commonly very competitively priced, which is one reason their services can be offered at such a low cost. These are usually shipments that travel via Postal services and Hybrid services.

If you are shipping valuable or essential goods, we always recommend to either add our Premium Insurance.



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