How to Ship From Multiple Countries on Easyship

You can now send parcels everywhere, from multiple countries, with one account. This article will run through the Global Accounts feature on Easyship. 

Supported Countries and Currency

There are countries that offer pre-negotiated courier rates, and others that require a courier account to be linked. Such countries are clearly separated when selecting the country associated with the origin address. 

For a Global Account, by default, we will return rates in the account's main currency. At this time, the currency displayed on the account cannot be changed within the dashboard. 

Fulfill Orders From Different Countries Automatically 

When fulfilling orders from multiple locations, you want to create a smooth and automated fulfillment process, but also ensure your customers are quoted the most competitive rates originating from the location closest to them. Below is a guide on how to enable this process on your account. In this example, we are fulfilling orders from the USA and Hong Kong. 

Step 1: Save your addresses on the dashboard (Account > Addresses). 

mceclip3 (4).png

Step 2: Set up shipping rules to determine the destination your origin addresses will service. 

Navigate to Settings > Shipping Rules > Add Rule.

Create a rule with the following condition: Destination country is and proceed to select the areas you wish to service from one of your locations. 

In this example, we set up a rule called US Origin and select Africa, North America, South America, and Others as the locations to service.

mceclip0 (27).png

Once selected, proceed to click Save. Now, let's select the origin address;

Under Actions select the origin address you wish to use, in this example, we'll select our US location. 

mceclip1 (16).png

Once complete, click Save and Create the rule. Do the same for your other address, and your rules will be set up correctly. They should look something like this:

mceclip2 (8).png

Step 3: Once set up, sync your orders and you'll see the rules you set up translate in to the order profile. 

mceclip4 (3).png

When clicking on the order profile, both the origin address, and the courier services from the respective origin country will be visible. 

Create Shipments From Different Countries Manually

If you're creating individual shipments manually (Create Shipments > Advanced), you can change the origin address on top of the page, or select a saved address from another country. 

Screenshot 2022-03-30 114732.png


For more information on creating shipments, visit the following article: How to Create Shipments on Easyship

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