How to Edit a Shipment



Open the edit panel

In Create Shipments > Advanced, click on any of the Order, Sender & Receiver, or Courier to open the edit shipment panel.

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Edit your shipment

Make your editions directly in the shipment panel

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Save your shipment

As you start editing, you will notice that the "Ship" button at the top right of the panel changes to "Save" / "Discard" buttons 

Click on "Save" to save your changes or click on "Discard" to ignore all the previous changes.

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Rate-altering fields

If the fields you have edited will affect the rates or the courier assortment, you will see orange indicators to remind you

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Change the selected courier

The blue border around one of the courier options highlights the courier service already selected for this shipment

To change the courier selected, hover your mouse on the courier you would like to select. A "Select" button will appear on the row. Click on "Select" to select the new courier.

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Edit in Bulk

It is also possible to Bulk Edit Shipments for specific properties, see our article here.




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