How to Tag Shipments

Tags are a great way to organize and automate specific orders and shipments. Any tags associated with an order on Shopify will automatically sync to Easyship. This article breaks down everything you can do with tags on Easyship. 

Tag Shipments Manually

Step 1: Navigate to Create Shipments > Advanced and edit order information. 


Step 2: Click the box under Tags, type in a keyword or phrase, and then click Enter


When making any changes to an order profile, be sure to click Save. 

Tagging With Shopify

If an order is tagged on Shopify, the tag will sync to Easyship and can be easily searched. You can also exclude it from syncing in your Store Settings

To exclude syncing an order by tag, navigate to Connect > Your Store. In the Sync Settings, click Exclude orders by tag. Select from an existing saved tag or create a new tag. Once added, proceed to click Save.

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Filter for Tags

You can filter for shipments containing a tag in the dashboard's Create Shipments > Advanced or Manage Shipments sections. 

Use the Filters feature next to the Search Bar. 


Creating Shipping Rules With Tags

You can automate with tags in Settings > Shipping Rules. Add a new rule using the Condition: Order tag. Proceed to select a saved tag or create a new one, then click Save. 


In this example, we select the Action as Use courier with tracking: Regular to Excellent. 

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Proceed to click Save and Create. For more information on Shipping Rules, visit the following article: Automate Shipping Process: Shipping Rules.

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