Label Printing Options

All Easyship-generated documents are provided in an A4 or Standard Letter-sized format by default. However, you can change the default format of your labels in the Easyship Dashboard.

Video Guide

How to Change Label Printing Settings

Step 1: Navigate to Settings > Printing Options.

Step 2: Change your printing options and view a preview on the right-hand side.

Easyship Label Printing Options


  • Hong Kong Post

    It is impossible to print Hong Kong Post labels in 4x6.

    It is impossible to group Hong Kong Post shipping documents into a single PDF. They are provided separately.

  • Battery Documents

    A battery declaration form and battery caution label are provided when a shipment contains items with batteries. These documents are only available in A4 as they must be printed in color to meet custom clearance requirements.

Required Equipment

  • A4
    A4 documents can be printed with an A4 Printer and 'normal' paper.
  • Thermal Size (4"x 6")
    Both a thermal printer and thermal paper are required. You can find more information here: What are Thermal Shipping Labels?
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