Shopify Settings to Sync Orders to Easyship

There are certain settings required in Shopify to ensure your orders successfully sync to Easyship. In this article, we will show you the requirements your orders must meet in order to sync.

Basic settings

Orders need to be paid or marked as paid in Shopify and cannot be marked as fulfilled.

Orders marked as paid and unfulfilled

Item/Product needs to be marked as a physical product in product settingsItem marked as a physical product

Advanced: Customised based on Status

On Shopify (and all ecommerce platforms) orders have several statuses. We look at those statuses to determine which order to sync to Easyship


To update which statuses to sync, navigate to the Store page > Order sync settings
You can see under “Include orders by status” the statuses currently synced.

We will sync a combination of status within the categories Fulfillment and Payment following this format
”Sync all orders with the fulfillment status A or B and the payment status C or D”


Just click on Edit to pick which statuses you would prefer

Note: This operation is quite advanced and is not recommended unless you are fully confident with your Shopify integration.






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