Pickup / Drop-off options

When creating a shipment different couriers have different options for how the handover of the parcel works. 

The different options are;

  • Drop-off 
  • Pickup 


Once you have selected your courier, next you will be able to choose your handover option.

As can be seen below, for FedEx International Priority. 
The pickup option is 4 USD extra and the drop-off option is free.


The second shipment with SF Express Economy, both the pickup and drop-off options are free.

Note: Some Hybrid solutions, such as SF-Express in this example, the pickup, and first-mile delivery is made by a different courier. This will be shown here so you know which courier will be arranging the pickup of the parcel. In this case, it is USPS that will be performing the pickup and first mile. SF Express will complete the last mile when it arrives at the destination (please correct this if not true).

Once you choose one of the options, you will see some more information depending on the chosen type of handover. In this case, for pickup, you will get to choose the time and date based on the options of the courier. 

Note: The time slots presented are the ones we are able to accommodate with the courier.
If you wish to get a more specific time-slot you will need to contact the courier directly. 
Please see the article on rescheduling pickup to learn how. 


In the above example, we can also see that the pickup address is not validated by USPS (US Only) which means that USPS may not pick-up at this location. 
A pickup is still possible to schedule, but if the courier does not show up, this may be the reason as to why. 





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