Courier Services Available on Your Easyship Account

Easyship accounts are country-specific, so depending on where you are shipping from, there will be many differences in available services. 

You can view all of Easyship's courier solutions in your country by going to the Couriers section of the dashboard. 

Access Couriers Solutions in the Easyship Dashboard

From here you can view all of Easyship's courier accounts and their associated services. You will see their rating (as rated by the receivers of shipments created by Easyship).

You also have the option of linking your own courier accounts. Guides on how to do so can be found in this section of the Help Center.

This is an example of what the page looks like from a US-based account. 

Easyship Couriers Account List

When clicking on the courier, you will see a breakdown of available services:

Link your DHL Account


Q: Where can I find the cost of these courier services?

A: We do not publicize rate cards, however, you can use our Get a Quote tool directly on the dashboard.

Q: How do you identify the quality of courier services?

A: There are many methods of doing this, but we mostly rely on the Tracking RatingThis is visible for all Easyship users when selecting a courier and will determine how frequently you can expect tracking updates, and directly correlates with service speed and quality. More information on how to compare courier services here.

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