Get a Shipping Quote from Easyship

Shipping quotes can be created in multiple ways on Easyship. In this article, we break down the two most common methods to get shipping quotes.

We'll Cover:

Get a Quote Tool

The first (and most common) method is by utilizing Easyship's "Get a Quote" tool. This can be easily accessed on the dashboard by navigating to the left-hand dropdown menu. Either use a saved origin address or enter an origin zip code, as well as the destination zip code and shipment information (Product category, weight, and dimensions). 




Click "Get a Quote" and you will be presented with all shipping options available, accompanied by the respective price and delivery time estimate. 

Create Shipments - Basic

To create a basic shipment, simply follow the guide here. By creating a basic shipment, you enter all of the necessary information required to produce a 100% accurate quote, and if the price is right, you will be able to ship it immediately. 

Though this method can be time-consuming, the quote may be more accurate.



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