How to Customize Packing Slips

Set up customized and branded packing slips for orders directly from the Easyship dashboard. Packing slips are used to streamline the product pick-and-pack process for shipments, as well as provide a clear rundown of the products contained, thus improving the customer experience.

To include packing slips in your shipping documents, go to Settings > Printing Options.

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How to Customize Your Packing Slips

Navigate to the Settings section on the left-hand column of the Easyship Dashboard and click the link titled Packing Slip.


You will be presented with the following configurations:

  • Show header (Logo/Company Name)

You can choose to show your logo or company name at the top of the packing slip. For instructions on how to upload your logo, please refer to the following article: Logo on Packing Slips, Tracking Page & Emails.

  • Show shipping price paid by customer (if available)

If your store has Rates at Checkout, you can display what your customer paid for shipping.

  • Show item prices

Display the cost of each product in the commercial invoice. This will be pulled from your store by default. If the shipment was created manually, we will display the price declared when adding the product information to the shipment.

  • Show homepage URL

Show your website URL (How to Edit Company Information)

  • Show buyer's message

If there are any notes from the customer, they will be added here, alternatively, you can add them in the seller's notes section of the order/shipment profile on Easyship. 

  • Document main identifier (Easyship ID, Order ID)

Include either the Order ID or Easyship ID depending on what is easier for you and your customer to recognize. 

  • Show receiver email

Show the consignee's email address on the packing slip.

  • Show return address

Display your sender address on the packing slip.

  • Footnote

Add a general note E.G "Thanks for supporting our business".

While you are customizing your packing slip you are able to see an example of how it will appear to your customer by clicking the link titled View your Packing Slip in the top right-hand corner.

Packing Slip Example

Customized Packing Slip Example

Customized packing slip example

Don't hesitate to contact if you have any questions. 


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