Packing Slips : Customization & Examples

From the Easyship Dashboard, you can set up customized and branded packing slips to include with your orders. Note that this feature is only available when your Easyship account is integrated with an eCommerce store. 

What we'll cover

How to Customize Your Packing Slips

Navigate to the 'Settings' section on the left-hand column of the Easyship Dashboard and click and click the link titled 'Packing Slip'

Packing Slips Button in the Easyship Dashboard

You will be presented with the following options:

Easyship Packing Slips Options

Customization Options

While you are customizing your packing slip you are able to see an example of how it will appear to your customer by clicking the link titled 'View your Packing Slip' in the top right-hand corner.

Packing Slip Example

Show Header

You can choose to show your logo or company name at the top of your packing slips. For instructions on how to upload your logo into your Easyship Dashboard, please refer to the following article:

Company Information – Easyship

Show shipping price paid by customer (if available)

If your eCommerce platform is integrated with your Easyship account, you can choose to show the shipping price paid by your customer

Show item prices

Include the product prices next to the product names

Show homepage URL

Show your company homepage URL as a footer at the bottom of the page

Show return address

Share a return address with your customer

Show buyer's message

In case the person that placed the order would like to personalize a message to the recipient, i.e.
"Happy Birthday from Dad!"


Here you can add any additional details that you would like to share with your customer

When you are happy with your selections, double-check that everything is accurate and click the “Save” button.

Customized Packing Slip Example

Customized packing slip example 


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