Connect Your Sellbrite Store

Sellbrite is a multichannel eCommerce solution by internet domain provider, GoDaddy. This tool allows users to manage their warehouse inventory for multiple locations. This article will explain how to connect your Sellbrite account with Easyship.

Before We Get Started

To add your Sellbrite account to Easyship, your Sellbrite account needs to be on a plan that offers API Access.  Provided you meet these requirements, please follow the below steps to connect your Sellbrite store to Easyship. 

NOTE: Due to the fact that Sellbrite does not store the currency of the orders, the pricing of the orders are assumed to be USD by default.

Integration Steps for Your Sellbrite Store

Step 1: Navigate to Settings

Start by going to the Sellbrite dashboard, and clicking on the Settings tab


Step 2: Gather API information

On the left-hand navigation bar, click on "API" under Account Settings. You will be given an Account Token and Secret Key. Make sure to write this information down as Easyship will need these for the integration.


Step 3: Open your Easyship Dashboard

Go back to the Easyship dashboard, go to 'Connect > New Integration' and select the Sellbrite logo. At the Sellbrite connect page, put in your account name, along with: “Account Token” and “Secret Key”.


Step 4: Select warehouses you wish to connect

After entering your credentials, please select the warehouses programmed in Sellbrite you wish to connect to your Easyship account and click 'Connect'connect-sellbrite-4.png 

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