Link Your Royal Mail Account

You can now link your Royal Mail account to Easyship provided you have approved Royal Mail credentials for your account. 

This integration is currently only available for customers on our Plus and Premier plans:


If you wish to access this feature, you can upgrade easily from within the Dashboard.

Steps to Link:

To ensure that you have the correct credentials and that they have been approved by Royal Mail for development use, please follow the below steps:

1. Go to COURIERS and select Royal Mail as above.

You then need to add all of your Royal Mail account information including your Royal mail Account Number, your Online Business Account Email and the Posting Location.


Once completed you will receive this message:

Mail4.pngAs stated the verification process can take between 2-3 business days.

2. Once completed, you can access your account and decide your Settings.


As stated, we recommend that you review the available services with your Account Manager and set up Shipping Rules to exclude services you do not have access to or require.

3. Once completed, you should be ready to ship via the Royal Mail Services you require:


NOTE: Royal Mail services on Easyship will not reflect the discounted rates associated with your account. The rates shown will be standard rates. To review the actual cost of your labels, you will need to refer to your Royal Mail invoice.


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