How to Schedule a USPS Pickup

When scheduling a pickup for your USPS shipment on Easyship, there are a few things to keep in mind. We will break down the full process of scheduling a pickup below.
What we'll cover:

How to schedule a pickup on Easyship?

When you create a shipment on Easyship, in the Create Shipments section of your dashboard, you will be prompted to select your handover method (pick up or drop off). When you select pick up, our system will require that you schedule a pickup time frame before you can pay for the service. 




What do I do if the courier misses the pickup or I want to change the time?

Note that there are multiple ways to reschedule a pickup with USPS, however, we recommend that you do it directly from your Easyship dashboard. Simply select the shipment in the Manage Shipments section of your dashboard and navigate to Actions > Reschedule pickup. More information on our How to Schedule and Reschedule Pickups article.


Can I schedule a pickup with USPS directly?

To schedule a pickup with USPS directly, please visit the Quick tools > Schedule Pick Up section of their site, you can find it here. From there you can enter your pickup address, service type, and weight, and schedule a free pickup!


Does USPS pick up from every US address?             

No, USPS only picks up from certain addresses in serviceable areas, if your pick up fails on Easyship, you can attempt to schedule a pickup on the USPS site and if your address is ineligible for a pickup, you will be informed. 

USPS does not pick up from P.O. Boxes, so please make sure that you enter a physical sender address on Easyship. 


Which USPS services are not eligible for pickup?

First Class services may not eligible for pick up on Easyship in certain cases, and if you wish to schedule a pick up you must do it through the USPS pick up page. 


If you still have any questions, reach out to our support team

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