Connect Your Ecwid Store

Ecwid is a leading choice for small business merchants to easily set up a store and start selling fast. 

In this article, we will explain how to Connect your Ecwid store, both through the Ecwid site, and directly through the Easyship dashboard.

You can also follow our video walkthrough here;

If you don't already have an Easyship account, go to this page and select the Easyship logo -


You can then install and set up via this link;


You will then be redirected to Easyship where you can open your account;


Since you will be creating your account for the first time, you will be given the option to set up your Store Configuration and your Default Shipping Box;


Then you can select Connect from the Dashboard and you will be able to see your store;


Install from EasyShip Dashboard

You can also set up straight from the Easyship dashboard by going to Connect and selecting New Integration and choosing the Ecwid logo;



You will then be redirected to the Ecwid website;


Once you accept, you will be redirected back to your Easyship dashboard to complete the set up.


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