Connect Your Linnworks Store

Linnworks is a dashboard focused on connecting, managing and automating ecommerce operations. 

The integration with Linnworks enables users to create shipments and returns directly from your Linnworks account, as well as access tracking information from the Linnworks portal. All the while utilising Easyship's courier assortment.

Note: All shipment creation will take place from within Linnworks. Orders and products cannot be synced to Easyship, nor will Easyship settings reflect in the Linnworks shipment creation process. 

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Account Setup

Go to your Linnworks account page and search for Easyship in Shipping Integrations and select Integrate.



Here you can submit your Account Name details.


If you already have an Easyship account, you can log in directly from Linnworks when redirected.Screen_Shot_2021-06-24_at_12.31.17_PM.png

If you do not already have an Easyship account, select No when prompted.


You will then be asked to input an email address with which to set up an Easyship account.


Enter all the required information, it is important to note which country you are shipping from and to input your address details correctly.


It is also essential you input your shipping details accurately to ensure you get accurate costs for your shipments and avoid any potential adjustments.


Once completed you should see Easyship in your list of integrations.


If you need to make any changes, you can select Config to do so.

You can then log into Easyship following the link and you will be able to see the store you have just created.

Head over to Connect and you will see your connection.


Courier Setup

Now that your integration between Linnworks and Easyship is complete, you can set up the couriers you will be using on your account. Go to Integration and select Services.LW9.PNG

By selecting the drop-down, you will be able to see the list of courier services that are available to you.LW10.PNG

Once selected you can go to Edit to input your details.


Select OK and Finish and you're all set.

There are other options available as part of the courier selection if you click through Properties, you can select Incoterms, Insurance, and Print Option.LW27.png

Shipment Quote

To get a quote for your shipment, from your Linnworks portal, select a shipment, go to Actions, then Shipping, and then Get Quotes.LW13.PNG

Select Run Quotes and you will get a number of options, select the Quotes button and you will be shown the options.


To get your label, head to Print, Shipping Label, and then Print.

Once the label has completed generating, go to Jobs and you will see your options for the shipment.


Go to Download Files and you will be presented with your Shipping Docs. LW16.PNG


If you then go back to your Easyship account, you will be able to see the shipment there also.


Fixing Errors

When generating labels you might receive an error message on occasion, you will see this when you go to print your label.


If you go to Jobs there will be a notification, then you will see in Completed Jobs the attempted label with the error message, click on this and you will see what the issue is -


In this case, the address line was left blank, to fix you would go back to your list of Linnworks shipments, and fill in the details correctly, remember to Save it -


If you are having issues with an error you can't fix, get in touch with us directly at


Canceling Labels

To cancel an existing label, you can locate the shipping details via your Easyship dashboard.


Go to your Linnworks account, Actions > Shipping > Cancel Label.


Go back to Easyship and refresh your shipments and the shipment should now have been canceled.



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