Wix: Installing Rates at Checkout

This article will run you through the process of enabling rates at checkout for your Wix store. 

Before We Get Started

Take the following steps before activating rates at checkout:


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Activate Checkout on Easyship

Navigate to your Store Settings (click on your store under Connect) to ensure Shipping at Checkout is active. If you have a paid subscription plan, it should be already operational by default. If not, you can upgrade your Easyship subscription plan to activate the Shipping at Checkout feature.

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Check that you have added Product Sync > Fallback Settings in order to ensure accurate shipping rates appear at checkout for buyers.

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You can also control how shipping rate details are displayed to the buyer at checkout by adjusting the Shipping at Checkout settings in Easyship, such as:

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Shipping Settings on Wix

Proceed to your Wix dashboard and navigate to Settings > Shipping & Fulfillment, then select the shipping profile that you want to edit.

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In the selected shipping profile, enable the "Easyship" app at the bottom of the page to begin showing Easyship shipping rates at checkout. We recommend clearing any other existing options under the "Shipping" section in the shipping profiles where you enable "Easyship", to reduce risk of showing duplicate shipping rate options to the buyer at checkout.

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Please note: Easyship shipping rates will ONLY appear on your Wix checkout page if the Shipping at Checkout feature shows an "Active" status in your Easyship Store Settings page. Even if you enable the "Easyship" app in your Wix dashboard on a given shipping profile, you'll need to make sure the Shipping at Checkout feature is activated within the Easyship platform in order to display rates at checkout.

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To better understand how rate calculation at checkout works, review the following article: How Shipping Rates Are Calculated at Checkout

Easyship Rates at Checkout are now active on your store. Upon checking out, your customer will be greeted with a cheapest, best value, and fastest shipping option. 



If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to support@easyship.com for assistance.

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