How to Change Your Product's Country of Origin

When shipping internationally with Easyship, the commercial invoice automatically generates alongside your shipping documents. You can directly save the product's country of origin on Easyship, which will reflect on the commercial invoice. 

What is the Country of Origin?

The country of origin refers to the country of manufacture/production. When importing, customs may require it.

For example, if you are shipping T-shirts manufactured in Vietnam, the country of origin would be Vietnam. To verify, customs authorities may ask for a certificate of origin as part of the clearance process. The manufacturer is typically in possession of such certificates. 

How do you benefit from specifying the Country of Origin?

Destination countries may have international trade agreements for certain products and countries of origin, reducing import tariffs. The country of origin proves that products are eligible for lower duties and taxes.

How to change your product's Country of Origin?

Step 1: Navigate to Product Listing

Step 2: Add or Edit a Product 

Step 3: Under Shipping & Customs, select a Country of Origin and Save

Note: The product's country of origin can also update via CSV.


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Moving forward, shipments containing saved products will include the Country of Origin

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