How to File an Insurance Claim

Easyship offers third-party insurance via our insurance partner, Insureship.

If you've purchased insurance, you can file a claim directly through your Easyship Dashboard.

To learn how your customers can purchase insurance at checkout and file claims directly, visit this link

Claim Through the Easyship Dashboard

You can only claim the insurance on shipments if purchased before generation. The shield icon identifies whether a shipment is insured. 


An easy way to locate all insured shipments is by Filtering shipments with Premium insurance to view the shipments that are eligible for claims.



When you are ready to make a claim, click on the three dots next to the correct shipment, go to the Insurance section and select FILE A CLAIM.


You will then be asked if you are claiming for Damaged/Missing Items or Never Delivered items, as each process is different.



If you are claiming a lost shipment, select Never Delivered.

If the shipment is not yet within the eligible claim window, you will not be able to file a claim until you are eligible.

If eligible, you will be required to describe the issue and why you think the shipment is lost. Include details such as whether the intended receiver has confirmed whether the shipment was lost. This reasoning helps Insureship with evaluating the validity of the claim. 


Once all details are correct, you can confirm and submit your claim.

The claim is now filed with Insureship, and they will follow up on the next steps with you directly.

Once the claim has been submitted, agents may request additional documentation in order to process your claim. Examples include:
* Copy of original invoice for proof of value
* Statement from buyer indicating they haven't received the package or that it arrived damaged
* Photographs to show the damaged item

You will be notified of these requests through email, and you will be required to provide additional information directly through the Easyship app.


If a claim has been approved, you will be notified through email and the claim will be paid to the account nominated in your Insurance settings (


Damaged/missing items claim

Please click this option if you are claiming a Damaged or Missing Item.

Select the items that are damaged or missing from the shipment during shipping.

Describe the issue in detail.

Describe what is wrong with the items.

Upload photos of the damaged items or box to support your claim, copies of correspondence from the courier/consignee, etc.

This supporting evidence helps Insureship evaluate the validity of the claim.

Photographs should clearly show the issue and include identifying information such as shipping documentation.


Once all details are correct, you can confirm and submit your claim.

The claim will now be filed and will be processed by our agents. submitted-manage.PNG


NOTE: Buyers who have purchased insurance from our client's platform and are not Easyship customers can file a claim using the link provided below.


Claims Requirements and Timelines

  1. LOST shipments can be claimed after;
    1. Claim after 20 days or 14 days from the last tracking Update for Domestic shipments.
    2. Claim after 30 days or 14 days from the last tracking Update for international and APO/FPO shipments.
  2. DAMAGED shipments can be filed immediately upon receipt of the package.
  3. A claim must be raised no later than 90 days from the shipment date.
  4. The insured needs to submit.
    1. A completed Online Shipping Insurance Services claim form.
    2. A copy of the original invoice to the consignee / original invoice from the shipper, whichever is applicable.
    3. A signed and dated statement from the consignee / receiving party.
    4. Proof of damage if applicable and any additional documentation requested to substantiate the loss.
  5. Coverage does not include handling fees and insurance fees.
  6. All damaged property for which payment (not repair costs) or replacement costs have been made, must, on request, be returned to the Underwriters.
  7. Failure to hold the damaged property until the claim is settled will result in rejection.

Terms and conditions here.

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