What Is a Shipping Integration?

Shipping integration is a general term. It can mean connecting a shipping software and a store, for example, Easyship and Shopify, or directly linking a courier account such as UPS, FedEx, DHL, etc. 

This article breaks down various terms and their meaning depending on the context.

What Is an Integration?

An integration connects two systems, enabling swift and reliable data transfer. 

Shipping Software Integration

A shipping software facilitates order fulfillment through an all-in-one shipping dashboard, like Easyship.  Integrations with eCommerce platforms and courier accounts enable shipping software to function conveniently. 

Ecommerce merchants integrate their stores with shipping software to facilitate data transmission. Typical use cases include order and product download. 

Courier Integration

Courier integration connects a courier account to a fulfillment or eCommerce platform to facilitate shipment label generation. It enables easy access to a company's shipping rates via a third-party platform. 

For example, Easyship offers in-house UPS rates, but if you wish to use your own, you can link an account directly: Link Your UPS Account

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