How to Download and Print Shipping Documents

A shipping label, packing slip, and commercial invoice are generated upon a shipment's purchase. If you don't know how to create a shipment yet, refer to the following guide: How to Create Shipments.

This article will explain the purpose of each shipping document and how to download and print them from the dashboard.

Types of Shipping Documents

  • Shipping Label: A document displaying key information such as the origin and destination address, tracking number, bar code, weight, size, commodity type, incoterms, etc.

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  • Packing Slip: You can generate packing slips for parcels to display the product, quantity, SKU, and price. These are primarily used to enable a smooth pick and pack process when fulfilling the order and can also be branded with your company logo and used as a receipt. To enable packing slips, navigate to Settings > Printing Options

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  • Pick List: The Pick List displays product information (SKUs, quantities, locations, etc) which enables efficient fulfillment. Pick Lists must be generated separately and are generally used for higher volume fulfillment programs. 


  • Commercial invoice (international shipments): The commercial invoice is the primary document used for importation control, valuation, and duty determination. The document breaks down all products contained within a shipment. 

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Downloading Shipping Documents

Step 1: Newly created shipping labels are in Manage Shipments > To Download.

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Step 2: Select the shipments and click Generate All Documents

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Step 3: You will be brought to the Document Queue, where you can download or print directly from the app. 

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Printing Shipping Documents on Easyship

Once labels are generated in the queue, hover your cursor over the batch you want to print, and you will see the Print option. Click it, and the shipping documents will populate on the screen. 

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You can either download the PDF and print or print directly from the page.


Q: Do I need to attach all the documents in the file?

A: Yes. Easyship will generate all the required documents for your shipment. If they are not attached, the shipment is at risk of being returned. 

Q: Does label quality matter?

A: Poorly printed labels can result in unscannable shipments that may be returned. The best way to print a label is by using a thermal printer. If you use an ink printer, ensure that the label is high quality, and the barcode is crisp. 

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