What are the Main Shipping Documents?

With Easyship, you don't have to worry about preparing shipping documents or filling them in. The system will automatically generate all the documents you need. All you have to do is print them out and attach them to your packages.

The following 3 shipping documents will be generated:


  • Shipping Label

    The shipping label is a required document for all of your domestic and international shipments. The shipping label will include the destination address, return address, shipment tracking number and a barcode that will be scanned to update the tracking information on the courier's website.

DHL Shipping Label Example

  • Commercial Invoice

    The commercial invoice will be a required document for all of your international shipments. The commercial invoice is the primary document used for importation control, valuation, duty determination and identifies all the items being imported.

    Note: There will be no commercial invoice included if the shipment is domestic or with UPS. UPS receives all commercial invoice data digitally when you create the shipment, so there is no need to add a paper invoice.

International Commercial Invoice Example


  • Packing Slip

    The packing slip is an optional document but it is a useful reference for your customer to ensure that the shipment includes everything that they ordered. The packing slip will include a list of all the items the shipment and you can choose to customize it with your own branding and other additional details. Refer to this guide for instructions on how to customize your packing slips: Packing Slip Settings

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