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For parcels with added insurance, you will file your claim with the insurance provider directly. This article will show you how to file a claim and go over all the requirements to qualify.

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Step by Step Guide:


  • Validate your order with the customer email OR order number


  • Select ‘Shipping Insurance’


  • Fill in the online form with your claim, shipment, and personal information





  • Once the claim has been submitted, Insureship will review the case and may request additional documentation. Examples include:
    • Copy of original invoice for proof of value
    • Statement from buyer indicating they haven’t received the package or that it arrived damaged
    • Photographs to show the damaged item

Claims Requirements and Timelines

  1. LOST shipments can be claimed after;
    1. 20 days for Domestic shipments
    2. 55 days for international and APO/FPO shipments
  2. DAMAGED shipments can be claimed upon receipt of the package.
  3. A claim must be raised no later than within 90 days from shipment date for domestic shipments, and 120 days for International.
  4. The insured needs to submit
    1. A completed Online Shipping Insurance Services claim form
    2. A copy of the original invoice to the consignee / original invoice from the shipper, whichever is applicable
    3. A signed and dated statement from the consignee / receiving party
    4. Proof of damage if applicable and any additional documentation requested to substantiate the loss.
  5. Coverage does not include handling fees and insurance fees.
  6. All damaged property for which payment (not repair costs), or replacement costs have been made, must, on request, be returned to the Underwriters.
  7. Failure to hold the damaged property until the claim is fully resolved will result in the claim’s being denied.

Insurance terms and conditions can be found here.

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