How to Create and Print Shipping Labels

To ship your parcel, it needs to include a visible label for the courier to scan when they pick it up. 

A shipping label will be generated for your parcel shortly after the shipment is created in your Easyship Dashboard. If you don't know how to create a shipment yet, please refer to the following guides for step by step instructions:

How to Create Shipments - Basic Option

Create A Shipment Manually

Create and Print Shipping Labels Online

Step 1.

Now that you've created your shipment, the next step is to print the shipping label and attach it to your package. You will find all your available labels in the "Manage Shipment>To Download" section in the left-hand column of your Easyship Dashboard.


Click on the "To Download" link and you will be shown all your shipments that have labels ready to be printed.

Step 2.

Checkbox all the shipments for which you would like to create shipping labels, and click the "Shipping Docs" button on the top right-hand corner.


Step 3.

Your shipping documents will be downloaded in .Zip files to the download folder you have specified in your web browser. Navigate to the file location on your hard-disk, open them up and print!

Step 4.

Attach the label to your parcel on a visible location. Your parcel is now ready to be handed off to your courier! If you have scheduled a pick up simply wait for them to show up in the scheduled time slot. If you have chosen drop-off you can drop the parcel off at your earliest convenience.


The courier will not accept the same shipping label being used on multiple boxes.
When creating a shipment with multiple items, be aware that all items must be placed in a single box or a separate label will need to be generated for each individual box.

The courier will not pick up your parcel if there is no label attached to it and they cannot assist in printing it for you. 


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