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    Daniel Muniz

    I cannot active the checkout on my webstore, why? The first time that i install ok, but now is second time and the app not work well... ineed help, this is app was the one that most answered my needs.

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    Mark (Easyship)

    Hi Daniel!

    I had a look at your account and from what I can gather, you seem to currently be on a Shopify Plan which does not allow 3rd Party Calculated rates.

    To enable Easyship Checkout with Shopify, you need to have 3rd Party Calculated Rates enabled on your Shopify account.

    3rd Party Calculated rates are included in all annual paid Shopify plans and monthly paid Shopify Advanced plans.
    It can also be added to any plan as an additional add-on by Shopify support if you contact them directly.

    If you confirm with Shopify that you in fact should have access to 3rd Party Calculated rates on your current plan. Please let us know and we will have a look with our developers if there is anything strange happening in the magic link between Shopify and Easyship!

    I hope that this solves  your question and that you can start offering Easyship Checkout to your clients soon!

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    wunna soe

    How to add default box dimension and weight at check out because without that the shipping rate show on check out are always lower than actual.

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    Mark (Easyship)

    Hi Wunna!

    You are correct, the rates shown will be based on the available information.
    For instance, Shopify only provides the weight, not the dimensions for your products.

    To resolve this, Easyship has a built in products feature which allows you to save all necessary information for all your SKUs so that the rates are correctly displayed.

    Please see the following article for more details: Products Feature

    If you have not uploaded your products, everytime a new product syncs to Easyship and you enters its dimensions, it will automatically get saved to the Products feature. This makes sure that the entered dimensions are used the next time for the imported SKU!

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