Shipping Rates at Checkout Feature

The Rates at Checkout feature increases conversions by providing end customers with multiple shipping options to choose from. 

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Understanding the Store Checkout Process

With Rates at Checkout, real-time shipping options are displayed to your customers during the in-store checkout process. The shipping rates shown include the cheapest, the best value, and the fastest (in that order).

It is possible to remove or customize couriers displayed via shipping rules. 

In order for live checkout to work accurately, products must be synced from your store and edited with dimensions, weight, and product category. Additionally Saved Boxes are highly recommended.

Supported Stores

Listed below are stores that support Easyship's Rates at Checkout feature and their respective guides. 

How Rates at Checkout Works

To calculate rates at checkout for stores connected to Easyship, the system uses the address (entered by the customer), product information, and box size saved on the dashboard. 

The following article breaks down this question in-depth: How Shipping Rates Are Calculated at Checkout

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