How to Compare Courier Services

Easyship will display all the couriers available to accommodate your shipment and allow you to choose the courier solution that best suits your needs.

You can choose to sort the available couriers based on the following details:

  1. Our Picks 
  2. Delivery Lead Time
  3. Tracking
  4. Rating
  5. Service Options
  6. Remarks
  7. Tax & Duty

 The courier comparison page will be visible at the 3rd step of the Create Shipment wizard.



1. Our Picks

Our picks will represent the best value for money solutions sorted in order with the best value shipping solution at the very top.


2. Delivery Lead Time

Sort your shipping options by the expected time frame in which the shipment will be delivered in. Note that these are not the estimated delivery times provided by the courier. These delivery times are based on Easyship’s historical data of the courier's performance from the provided origin country to the provided destination country. These calculations are a percentage that is based on the number of successful deliveries.



Our #1 pick has an expected delivery of 1 -3 working days. This means that historically:

50% of all parcels with this courier have been delivered within 1 working day.

90% of all parcels with this courier have been delivered within 3 working days or less.


3. Tracking

Sort your shipping options based on the type of tracking available. The tracking rating will display the quality of the tracking service provided by the courier.

Excellent: Excellent tracking covers all the steps of transit (from pick-up to arrival/departure at customs, to the delivery at the final destination) allowing you to closely monitor your parcel while reducing the risk of loss or return.

Regular: Door-to-Door tracking that covers major milestones or events along the way whenever the parcel is scanned. This is the most common type of tracking available with regular Postal Services.

Basic: Much less detailed than Regular tracking. Expect to be notified of only two events: the departure of your parcel (usually a notice that it's been picked up or dropped off) and the arrival. You won't have any updates on your parcel while it is in transit and you will not be informed of any intermediate events that occur between the origin and destination. With basic tracking, neither the Courier nor Easyship will be able to provide any additional information between scans. If a shipment has passed 5 business days from the expected delivery date without an update please reach out to for an investigation.

Limited: Refers to all the services that, besides registering some tracking updates during the transit, will not provide any confirmation that the parcel has reached the receiver's address. Coverage ends before the shipment has been handed over to the destination postal service, meaning that the last tracking event could be the arrival at customs. It may not tell you when the package was dispatched at the destination country, or what day and time it was delivered to the destination address. If a shipment has passed 10 working days over the expected delivery date, please reach out to the consignee and request that they contact their local postal service for a possible update. If you're having difficulty locating the final mile tracking details, please reach out to and we will do all we can to help. Please note that very few couriers with limited tracking provide liability or insurance for lost parcels.

No tracking: You will not receive any tracking number or updates on your parcel's journey. For No tracking, there is no investigation or claim that can be made in case the shipment does not arrive within the expected delivery time.


4. Rating

Sort your shipping options by a rating that is based on the experience of consignees who have received shipments created by Easyship customers just like you!

In your 'Account Settings' page on the Easyship Dashboard, you can choose to allow Easyship to send a short survey to your recipients once a delivery has been made.

The score showing here is the result of these surveys.


5. Service Options

Sort your shipping options based on the available hand over options. This section displays the different service options available for handing your parcel off to the courier.

Pickup: The courier will pickup the parcel at your specified pick up address. There will be an additional charge for this service that is displayed in the next section.

Free Pickup: The courier will pick up the parcel at your specified pick up address, and there will be no additional charges.

Drop Off: You will drop the parcel off at one of the listed drop-off locations. Please note that only the listed locations will be able to accept the parcel. For Drop-Off parcels, the listed locations are the only allowed drop-off locations.

Total Cost

Sort your shipping options based on the total cost that will be paid to Easyship at the payment screen.


6. Remarks 

Here we will show some added remarks which can be important to take note of. For example, if the courier does not provide any delivery status update or if pickups can’t be scheduled on a certain day due to a holiday.

Note that you are not able to sort on Remarks.


7. Tax & Duty

This section displays the Taxes & Duties amount that will need to be paid for an international shipment.

As the sender, you can choose to cover charges or have them paid by your recipient upon delivery.

Note that if you choose to cover the Taxes & Duties, Easyship guarantees that there will be no additional hidden charges incurred provided that the shipment has been declared correctly and accurately. For shipments where the recipient shall pay these charges, Easyship provides an estimate of the total charges due. The actual charges may differ depending on the courier and the destination country.


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