How We Choose the Best Courier Service

By default, shipping services will are rated in order of best value on Easyship. This article breaks down how the system calculates the best pick based on various factors. 

For an in-depth article outlining how to compare courier services on Easyship, visit How to Compare Courier Services

Best Value 

When a shipment is being created, Easyship determines the best value courier based on Price, Delivery Time, Tracking Level, and Rating. 





If you're looking for a solution to match your lower price-point order, selecting the cheapest option is your best bet. Note: cheap services can be less reliable, and we highly suggest purchasing insurance as no courier liability is provided. 




To earn the Fastest badge, the courier must offer a quick delivery lead time at the best price. In the below example, both UPS Worldwide Saver and DHL Express Worldwide offer 1-2 working days delivery time, but as Worldwide Saver is cheaper, we mark it as the fastest option to save you money.



You may want Easyship to choose a specific courier instead of the best value automatically. Or maybe you would like the default option to be the cheapest or fastest courier. In that case, you can use our Shipping Rules feature.  

Buyer Selected at Checkout

Regardless of the Cheapest, Best Value, or Fastest option, if you have checkout integrated, the system will always default to the buyer selected option. 


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