Link Your Own Rate Card (LYORC)

LYORC allows clients to use their own rates for couriers already available on Easyship. 

What is LYORC 

Firstly, it is important to explain how to link your own courier account and how that differs from LYORC. If you possess an account for one of the couriers listed below, you are able to directly integrate it with Easyship. This process is called:

Link Your Own Courier Account (LYOC).

However, if you want to access your own rates for a service that Easyship already offers, but cannot be connected to directly, you can use the Link Your Own Rate Card program. 

What Services Support LYORC

Easyship must already offer this courier as a service on the website. For a list of available couriers per origin country, visit the Easyship Couriers Page

How to Setup LYORC

If you are already in communication with a sales or CSM agent, feel free to reach out to them. Otherwise, reach our sales team here for a quote.


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