How to Sync Your Store Orders

Once your store is connected, and your products are saved, it is time to sync your orders and start creating shipments. 

Syncing your orders is initiated in the Create Shipment > Advanced section of the dashboard. However, if you are on a paid plan, you can set up auto-sync in your Store Settings

How to Sync Orders From Your Store

Step 1: Navigate to Create Shipment > Advancedand click Add Shipments > Sync from Store.


Step 2: Your orders will sync, then proceed to select the orders you wish to fulfill and click Ship.


For an in-depth guide on fulfilling orders, read How to Create Shipments on Easyship.


Q: Can I sync orders directly after integrating my store?

A: When you connect your store, there are important steps that need to be followed before syncing and fulfilling orders. For Easyship to work on Auto-Pilot, make sure you have synced your products and saved boxes. Once complete, upon syncing your orders, correct dimensions and weight will be automatically assigned to your orders, completely removing any manual input moving forward. 

Q: What happens if an unfulfilled order does not sync?

A: For orders to sync to Easyship successfully, they must be fully paid for and unfulfilled. For Shopify users, you can modify the sync parameters in your Sync Settings.

If you still cannot get orders to sync, reach out to support for assistance with screenshots of your unfulfilled and paid orders on your store. 

As always, reach out to with any questions you may have. 

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