How to Use Easyship's Mobile App

The Easyship Mobile App enables users to manage shipments, scan barcodes, contact support, alongside a host of other valuable features on the go. This article will provide a walkthrough of the app so you can get the most out of it. 

Country Availability 

The Easyship App is currently available for download from the following countries:

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • Hong Kong
  • Singapore
  • Taiwan
  • United Kingdom
  • United States

Download the App


Upon opening the app, a prompt to log in will appear. To Logout, navigate to More > Logout. Click Remember Me to save your email and password for future use. 

If you don't already have an account, click here to get started

Shipment List

The first section of the app will display a list of your most recent shipments. The Consignee Name, Easy ID, Simplified Tracking Status, and Tracking ID are visible. 

  • Swipe Action - Swipe left or right to cancel a shipment, reschedule a pickup, download shipping docs, open the tracking Page, and send a tracking email).
  • Press and hold to copy - Press and hold any detail to copy. 


Shipment Details

Upon selecting a shipment, you can view the destination addressship from addressorder breakdowncourier and handover informationreturn courier and return IDshipment details (size, incoterms weight, selling price)shipment costs, and insurance status

You can also press and hold any detail to copy. 


Find Your Shipment (Search/Sort/Filter)

Search for a shipment using the ESID, filter your shipments with detailed criteria, and sort shipments by newest, oldest, order creation date, label payment date, number of items, order number, and name. 


Single Shipment Action

Click the three dots on the top right-hand corner within a shipment profile to make the following Actions:

  • View all shipping documents
  • Reschedule pickup
  • Send a tracking email
  • Open the track page
  • Claim insurance 
  • Cancel the shipment



Bulk Shipment Action

In the Shipments section of the app, click Select in the top left of the screen. Proceed to choose the shipments to action (or Select All) and click Actions on the top righthand corner of the screen.


  • Export CSV to email
  • Generate Pick List
  • Reschedule pickup
  • Cancel Shipments




Barcode Scanner

Located on the bottom dock and on the right of the search bar, you can scan a barcode of a shipment associated with your account to pull up the shipment profile (note this feature is not available with all courier services. If unavailable, a pop-up will appear).



Support Center

Located on the bottom dock, easily access the support center to access live chat, phone, and email. Support channels vary based on subscription level.




In More > Pickups, access all current, past, and failed pickup requests. Swipe left to reschedule a pickup, mark as complete, or contact the courier. Swipe right to cancel.




You can now search and view transaction records from a phone allowing you to monitor payments at a glance. Tap on the Billing icon found in the menu bar located at the bottom of the screen. Here a full list of transaction records can be found with the associated shipment id or pickup id.



You can access Notifications on the top right corner of the screen in More. 




In More > Settings, you can adjust notification settings in-app. For other settings, please use the web app. 




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