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TikTok Shop is an e-commerce tool that allows merchants to sell products to customers directly within the TikTok app. This article covers how to connect your TikTok Shop store with Easyship.

About this Integration

With TikTok Shop connected to Easyship, you will be able to:

  • Sync orders directly from your store and customize sync criteria
  • Download products directly.
  • Automatically mark orders as fulfilled when a label is generated. The tracking number will sync to the order profile. 

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Before We Get Started

To successfully connect your TikTok Shop store to our Easyship platform, you will need to have an active TikTok Shop US or UK Seller Account. Only US-based and UK-based TikTok Shop seller accounts can be connected.

Please ensure that you have at least one default warehouse defined in your TikTok Shop Seller Center account, and that you have configured your Shipping Options to set "Shipped by Seller" as the preferred option. Click here for step-by-step instructions.

Note that the current TikTok Shop Seller Account UI might look slightly different from some of the screenshots and videos below, however, the core features and functionality should be the same. If you notice any major discrepancies, please contact us at to resolve them.

Connecting Your TikTok Shop Store to Easyship

Step 1: Navigate to Connect > New Integration. From the list of Easyship integrations, select the TikTok logo.

Step 2: Click Authenticate. You'll be redirected to TikTok Shop Seller Center to verify the integration. 

mceclip0 (2).png

Step 3: First, select your account type (North America seller > United States or United Kingdom) and click Next. On the Install step, select "Unlimited" for Duration, enter your email address (phone is optional), and click "Confirm to Install". Lastly, on the Authorize step, select "Authorize" at the bottom of the page.

mceclip1 (1).png

mceclip2 (1).png

mceclip3 (1).png


Step 4: Once back on Easyship, add default information and click Finish Setup.

mceclip0 (3).png


Step 5: Congratulations, your TikTok Shop store is connected! You can adjust your Order Sync settings, such as "Sync Window", "Auto-Sync", and "Excluded Countries" from your store settings page.

mceclip0 (3).png


Configuring Your TikTok Shop Settings to Fulfill with Easyship

Step 1: In TikTok Seller Center, go to Account Settings > Warehouse Settings, and add at least 1 warehouse (see TikTok help article for more details).

Step 2: In TikTok Seller Center, go to Shipping > Shipping Options, and select the relevant warehouse tab from the top of the page. Then make sure to set "Shipped by Seller" as Preferred. Click on "Manage shipping fee template" to adjust the shipping fees that buyers will see during checkout.


mceclip3 (2).png


Other Important Notes about the Integration

Syncing Packages vs. Orders from TikTok Shop

When a buyer places an order for a product from your TikTok Shop store, the order will appear under Orders > Manage Orders in your TikTok Shop Seller Center. Each order belongs to a "package" by default. TikTok Shop allows sellers to split and combine orders into different packages from within the TikTok Shop Seller Center. For this reason, Easyship will sync the package-level details from TikTok Shop, so that you can quickly review shipping rates and purchase a label for that shipment in the Easyship dashboard. The shipping label details (such as selected shipping carrier & tracking number) will get synced back to TikTok Shop at the package-level.

Splitting & Combining Orders

Splitting and combining orders must be handled within the TikTok Shop Seller Center. While Easyship does normally allow you to split and merge shipments from within the Easyship dashboard, for TikTok Shop stores, we require that the orders are split and combined into "packages" within the TikTok Seller Center. This way, when the order details are synced to Easyship, they are already allocated to their expected packages, so you can view rates for the shipment and purchase a shipping label within the Easyship dashboard.

Supported Shipping Carriers

TikTok Shop US and TikTok Shop UK have a limited set of supported shipping carriers, so Easyship recommends that you only purchase shipping labels in the Easyship dashboard from couriers that are also supported by TikTok Shop.

If you do choose to purchase a shipping label from an unsupported shipping carrier, then please note that the fulfillment details will not successfully update automatically for that order/package in the TikTok Shop Seller Center. You may need to contact TikTok Shop support in order to work around this limitation (click here for more details).

Domestic Shipments Only

TikTok Shop only supports domestic shipments at this time. UK and US TikTok Shop sellers are not allowed to ship packages internationally. Please follow TikTok Shop's seller terms and conditions when shipping via Easyship.


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